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We’re a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and we have all the experience and knowledge that goes along with that. We work differently though. You don’t meet us at our fancy high street offices because we don’t have any (we do have offices of course just not on the high street!) We work online, over the phone and by post. This means that we’re able to offer you a great service at a very low price.

Traditionally for most people who need to complete a tax return (sole traders, landlords) there has only been a couple of options to get that sorted. They could try to sort it on their own, struggling on the confusing and unhelpful HMRC website without any support or guidance. The other option was to visit a regular high street accountant and pay a few hundred pounds (sometimes more) for a service which often wasn’t worth it.

Now there’s a third option, we’re Taxdoctor!