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Case study – Sam

Sam is new to taxdoctor; we completed his tax return for the first time this year. His main source of income is working as an electrician on building sites. He supplements this by helping out two evenings a week at a local youth centre, employed by the council. Sam works for a few different main contractors and has tax deducted at 20% from his wages.

I was told about taxdoctor by a friend who’d used them in the past to complete his tax return. His situation was similar to mine in that he worked as a sub-contractor but also had a second part-time job. He told me that they had always provided a professional and speedy service at a good price too.

I signed up on the website and gave them the relevant details they needed. Later that day I had an email from my personal tax manager, James, requesting some further information which he needed to move forward with my tax return. It took me a bit of time to get this together (during which time James nagged me a bit for it, which was good or otherwise I’d probably have forgotten!).

Once I got the information to him he called me to go through a couple of things and to make sure he had all the correct details. Then a few days later he emailed me a copy of my tax return so I could have a look through and make sure I agreed with all the figures. I then paid by credit card online and taxdoctor submitted my tax return directly to HMRC.

About 6 weeks or so after this I received my refund cheque directly from HMRC; just in time for my holiday in France! I’ve completed my tax returns on my own in the past but I was never 100% sure that everything was correct. It turns out there are quite a few things I missed out on my earlier years forms that I should have included. Taxdoctor have now amended these for me so I should soon receive even more money from the taxman!

Am I happy with the service taxdoctor provided? Definitely!

Would I recommend them? I have! To everyone I work with!

What’s next?

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