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CIS Tax Returns

I you're a subcontractor we can help with your tax

CIS scheme

If you work in the construction industry (or the CIS scheme as it’s known) You’ll need to tell the tax man how much you’ve earned, how much tax you paid and what your expenses were during the year. This needs to be done on a self assessment tax return each year. Items such as Tools, protective clothing and travelling costs are all tax deductible.

You may even be eligible for a tax refund if you’ve paid too much (most of the CIS client we work with are)

Taxdoctor can help!

We only work with individuals like construction workers. Unlike other accountants we don’t look after big businesses so we remain focused on you! We’ll talk to you about your situation and figure out what you should be claiming for. Then once we have the information from you we’ll complete the tax return and submit it online to HMRC.

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cis scheme

Happy clients

  • I’ve used Taxdoctor for the last 3 years and everything is completed very quickly and communication is excellent, plus the rates are very reasonable!

    Darren Mapp – subcontractor on CIS scheme
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