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Tax return Deadline

The 31st December 2012 is the last day


If you need to complete a tax return for the 2010/11 tax year (that’s from 6th April 2010 to 5th April 2011) then it needs to be submitted online to HMRC by the 31st January 2012.

The tax return needs to show your complete picture for that period. It needs to include earnings from all sources, employment, self employment or income from property.

£100 automatic penalty

If you don’t get your tax return submitted on time there will be a £100 fine imposed automatically by HMRC. Unlike previous tax years this fine will be applied even if you don’t owe any tax or are a due a refund.

Taxdoctor can still help!

It’s not too late if you act soon! We specialise in looking after tax returns for individuals and partnerships. We have experience working with sole traders, landlords and those who work in the construction industry scheme. Our fees start from £99 + vat and we can usually turnaround a standard tax return in a few days.

If you’re interested see how it works, or get in touch and speak to one of our qualified accountants.