When you leave the UK for warmer climes, you can leave the weather behind, but unfortunately your tax obligations travel with you. British citizens living abroad must complete a self assessment tax return if they receive UK income or capital gains arising from the sale of UK assets.

Possible income streams can include anything from UK savings and investments, rental income from a property or pension. You may also need to complete a self assessment tax return if you sell UK assets such as property or shares.

Taxdoctor can help

Unlike other tax accountants who focus on meeting the demands of bigger businesses, we provide a specific service aimed at the particular needs of individuals such as expats.

Once you choose our fast and effective service, we’ll allocate you your own dedicated tax manager. They will go through your details with you on the phone (or via Skype) and ensure you’re claiming for every allowable expense. We’ll then file your expat tax return directly to HMRC.


We take the stress and worry away from filing your expatriate tax returns for a fixed fee of £120 + VAT.
Why not see how it works, or if you’d like to chat to a tax advisor just get in touch!