Taxi Drivers

If you work as a self employed taxi driver then it is your responsibility to submit a self assessment tax return to ensure you are paying the correct tax. The process of completing your taxi driver’s tax return can be long and complicated, with very little help out there to simplify the process. This is where Taxdoctor can help. We will complete the self assessment forms on your behalf for a one-off fixed fee, leaving you to concentrate on driving your cab.

How the taxdoctor can help

We will assign you a dedicated tax manager who will be your point of contact and work with you to ensure we all have the information we need. They will go through you income as well as your expenditure, and ensure you are claiming all of the allowable tax expenses such as petrol and diesel costs, the costs of servicing and repairing your taxi, the cost of your annual road tax and MOT test, as well as the interest on any loans taken out to buy your cab.

Once we have all the information we need, we will complete your taxi driver tax return on your behalf and submit the forms online to the HMRC.


Taxdoctor can help you with all of this for a fixed fee of just £120 + VAT.
Why not see how it works, or if you’re ready to get started with our taxi drivers’ tax returns service then follow the link.