Getting your head around your self assessment tax returns is not an easy job. The forms can be complicated and drawn out, and in many cases the guidance provided by the HMRC is little or no practical use. Here at Taxdoctor, we complete your tax returns on your behalf, ensuring a fast, affordable and effective online solution to your contractor tax obligations.

Taxdoctor can help

The process is simple. We will assign you a tax manager as your dedicated point of contact, who will work with you to ensure we have all the relevant information we need to accurately complete your tax return. Once we have full details of your income and expenditure, we will then fill out the self assessment tax forms on your behalf and submit them to HMRC.

Rather than working with big businesses, the service we offer is aimed at contractors, freelancers and sole traders, allowing us to provide a personal service which meets the specific needs of individual clients.


We take the stress and worry away from filing your contractor tax returns for a fixed fee of £120 + VAT.
Why not see how it works, or if you’d like to chat to a tax advisor just get in touch!